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Once upon a time… (ok, let’s say over a decade ago) our team of sunny but serious chocolatiers came together. They ate lots of chocolate while dreaming of creating something special and unique – an irresistible drinking chocolate. Our experts started from scratch and made it their mission to source the very best chocolate they could find. After testing, tasting, mixing, crafting, mashing, heating, and cooling – the Cocoa Canopy bead was born.

We invented the perfect product to seize, or smash, your day. We have a blend for every occasion to have your way – an afternoon pick-me-up, a comforting warmth or to cheer on summer with friends.

We go way back, but we’ve always kept evolving. We expanded our team, moved to a bigger and still cute factory, kept adding to our blends, and rebranded. The main thing has always been our chocolate and we’re super proud of our good-looking wonky beads – that’s why we dare to show off!

So, get a taste of our love for chocolate with every sip.

Browse our recipes to make a perfect hot or iced.



Browse our delicious range of blends – there’s something for everyone.

“When you want the intense punch of high cocoa content but the creaminess of milk chocolate, who you gonna call? Cocoa Canopy, that’s who!”

The Independent

“The most delicious hot chocolate we’ve tasted – these tiny beads of chocolate melt to make a gorgeous drink.”

Runner’s World
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Hot chocolate season isn’t over! Shake up your Summer with our Signature Summer Choc recipes.