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Deliciously creamy classic. Remember?
To meet in the middle with a luscious blend of milk and dark chocolate.

Dark choc with a pinch of vanilla.

Dark choc for a proper kick.
A perfect match right?

Want to store and show off you beads?

We say Hot Chocolate, you say… Marshmallows!

Make yourself the perfect hot chocolate

Drop that spoon and use a whisk instead!

Why not bundle up?

Bestseller Blends Bundle

Can’t choose? Start with our bestsellers!

Go big and take home

Say ‘hi’ to perfectly creamy, frothy, foamy chocolate drinks!


The perfect kick off bundle for any hot chocolate lover
“When you want the intense punch of high cocoa content but the creaminess of milk chocolate, who you gonna call? Cocoa Canopy, that’s who!”

The Independent

“The most delicious hot chocolate we’ve tasted – these tiny beads of chocolate melt to make a gorgeous drink.”

Runner’s World

“Each bead offers you a moment of indulgence that you can enjoy anywhere, at any time.”

Women Talking

“The team found the chocolate beads created a drink that was ‘indulgent without being overpowering’.”

Food Chain Magazine
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Hot chocolate season isn’t over! Shake up your Summer with our Signature Summer Choc recipes.